Dawn from Northern Ireland is worried about Baranoff…

Dear Nellie Cat

My apologies for this rather stupid question, but this thing has been bothering me since I got back from my visit to the veterinary late last week. My Russian Blue, Baranoff, is fourteen years old now and we’ve found out he’s suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which means he needs to be given daily doses of Corticosteroids which the vet has now prescribed. But getting Baranoff to take the medication has not been easy, so the vet showed me a way to pound the medicine into flavour tabs by adding pieces of salmon. So far it works!

But my problem is this Nellie. I’m beside myself with worry, I’ve not slept a wink for the past few nights. The vet went to great lengths to explain that Baranoff would need to take the Corticosteroid medication daily for the rest of his life, but then gave me only two weeks worth of supply.

Does this mean that Baranoff has only two weeks to live?

Dawn, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Dear Dawn

Ouch! I see what you mean. Poor old Baranoff. It’s not unusual for veterinaries to do this you know, it’s a sneaky way of telling you that your kitty maybe has only so long to live, but at least you have time to prepare. Can you get in some cans of that really nice Sheba? Luckily, I mentioned your deeply concerning question to our friendly veterinary Mildred an’ she guffawed an’ rolled on the floor in that irritating manner she does.

Apparently, according to Mildred, Corticosteroid medication is only one step down from nuclear waste, it’s not to be prescribed in great doses so two weeks supply is normal. Mildred says it might not mean that Baranoff has only two weeks to live. But one of my Mexican angels rightly pointed out that veterinaries often give short supply, because they make more money than supplying medication in bulk – an’ dearest Mildred confirmed this may well be the case – especially if you’ve got that cat insurance.

So our collective advise is not to worry Dawn. Unless Baranoff shows distinct signs of DIC (Death is Coming) on day thirteen then just continue things as normal. Of similar interest is the recipe you use for the salmon flavour tabs, do you use fresh line-caught Pacific salmon or that canned stuff you find on cheap supermarket shelves?

There’d be many of our readers interested in that Dawn.

Nellie, The Ship’s Cat

August 2018

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