Meet the bloke behind the scenes…

My name is Dave, I created Nellie Cat to provide you with fun and entertainment. The Ship’s Cat website has evolved and changed since it was first launched back in 2018, with new character makeovers and ‘deeper’ cat personalities which, I hope, will keep you amused. Yes, Nellie really does exist – and she is a ship’s cat.

To learn more about myself and why we need your support, please visit our feed website here. You can also read more about the real Nellie Cat and her travels from England to El Salvador here. Also read about Nellie Cat’s ship, sailing vessel Sänna and our circumnavigation voyage.

Thank you for your valued support.

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No cats were harmed when I made this website. An’ please think of the environment, it’s the only one we got! An’ don’t use those electronic cat-scarers in your garden.