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Do You Wanna Good Deal?

Look, I’ve got stuff you can buy. You wanna good deal? I can give you a good deal. I can get you stuff you only dream about, like a cool Nelly T-shirt or a Cap. You can even buy a photograph of me for your wall or bedside table, it’s even got my pawprint on it.

We keep goin’ into different harbours all the time, I come across stuff. Harbour cats source me out coz I’m a Ship’s Cat knowing I’ll get them a good deal and I get, well, you know, kick-backs and things like that. So my T-Shirts with a picture of me on the front are dead cheap and real high quality, I’m growing my range all the time.

I don’t wanna come across to you as a bad cat, I’m nothing like that, I’m just an innocent little English cat that was kidnapped when I was just a little kitten so now I’ve gotta survive. I’m trying to get some money set by so’s I can escape back to England, to find my mom and my sisters I never saw. If you buy just one T-Shirt from me then that helps me loads.

And I’ll always remember you. When I get back to England I’ll even keep in touch with you to tell you about my family and things like that. So just click that ‘Buy My Stuff’ link below to see everything I’ve got to sell you and I’ll get things moving. You’ll know a good deal when you see it.

And if you click this link to my very own Facebook Page I’ll get you some discount, but you’ve gotta Like and Share My Page first. Then I’ll send you a number code thing you can use when you put your hand in your back pocket…