It’s gonna cost me more than ten pounds to escape back to England. I’m a cat, I don’t have that much since I lost all my money my mom gave. When I saw how much it’s gonna cost to get me back to England my heart sank, I knew then that I was gonna be stuck on this ship forever. First I gotta have blood tests for rabies and things like that, then I’ve gotta go into a special place in a stinking warehouse to get examined. Then when I get to England I’ve gotta get quarantined, I don’t even know what getting quarantined is. All I know is nobody’s gonna pay for it except me and I ain’t got no money. Every time I start to think about it I shake and shiver…

Please support me, I’m only a poor little ship’s cat that’s trying to get all the way home.

Thank you for your generosity and kind will. I’m gonna remember you for always.

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