My real name is Rosita but everyone calls me Wosita because I can’t say my ‘R’s. Now everyone calls me by that stupid name that’s not very nice.

I’m a ship’s cat, I’m on a Mexican navy ship which got shot at and sunk. I’m waiting for my new posting but never heard anything for two years now, I’m worried the navy forgot me and I might run out of food.

I bumped into Nellie Cat who’s an English cat when she was on the run. She’d escaped but got caught again, but not before I’d met her near the dustbins in San Carlos. She sneaked me onto her ship then she saved my life.

Not very long after that we became Feline Agony Aunts which is a job I really like. We get to hear some amazing gossip, lots of other cats problems and sometimes owner’s issues as well. I really like solving them even though I’m still learning all the time. Nellie Cat is my feline hero, she’s so smart, she’s clever and really seems to know her way around the houses. She always comes up with bamboozin’ ideas and sometimes the advice she gives to other cats and their owners is so wonderful it takes my breath away. I’m learning loads, soon I’m gonna start giving advice all on my own. I think I’m a natural.

My ambition is to escape to England with Nellie, she tells me I can get a council house and social security benefits, especially being Mexican. The English welcome Mexicans because they all like Mexican food.

So if you’ve got a feline problem that needs solving then just send it over our way, it won’t take us that long… and we promise we’ll always be there just for you.

Wosita The Ship’s Cat.

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