Herminia is Mexican for Love

My name is Herminia and I’m a ship’s cat. I have more up-breeding than Nellie Cat and Wosita because my ship is a big cruise ship that only takes passengers who are rich. So you see, I’m what you might think of as a more posh cat.

My own emotional disruption making me downhearted is my cruise ship left without me. I know it was a simple mistake the captain made but I have been waiting for two years now – all day I sit on the dock in the port of Cabos looking out for them, they will be trying hard to get back for me but they have this thing called itineraries.

I have so much time on my hands, I suggested to Nellie Cat that I would make a good Feline Etiquette Angel, because of my experience with more monied people and their adorable cats who know how to present. You don’t get alley cats and dustbin cats on expensive cruise ships, it doesn’t happen.

I am getting used to working with Nellie Cat and Wosinda, but that friendly veterinary Mildred bothers me, she has no manners – I am not even sure she’s even a real veterinary. She is all the time sticking needles into the three of us for what she says is ‘practice’, last night she pinned two certificates on her wall though there’s some strange rubbing out on one of them. Mildred never fools me.

So if you have an emotional kitty problem that needs better advice then it will probably come from me. My sophisticated Nicaraguan royalty roots have never let me down.

If you need to know the right way to do things then just listen to wot I say.

Herminia, the Ships Cat.

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