And I’m the friendly veterinary. You’d never guess but I met these other three reprobates one early evening when I was in a bar… well not actually in the bar because cats weren’t allowed inside, but outside whilst I was recovering from drinking just one too many. I opened my eyes and there they all were staring at me, we became instant friends.

I’m fully qualified with a degree in veterinary science from a good university in Edinburgh… for a number of years I had my own thriving practice until I was suddenly struck off. I’d rather not go into why I was unfairly struck off but would like to say that I loved him dearly.

So I’m trying to revive my career and pay my bills by becoming part of the Feline Agony Aunt team that’s taking the cat world by storm. It’s hard living off social benefits, I have to find a way to get myself off the ground again and things are starting to look good.

We four argue a lot and don’t always see eye to eye, but generally we resolve these feline problems in nice ways that always seem to work. My specialty, of course, is feline health and I’m very good at that. The other three think I’m a bit weird, which I suppose I am but I’d rather think of myself as a proper kitty drama queen who simply adores cats…

So if you’ve got a feline problem of any description then all you need to do is get in touch…

Mildred, the Friendly Veterinary.

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