Look, I’ve gotta eat and pay my own way back to England. If you cough up just a little bit of cash then I’ll eventually get by. It’s not easy for a Kitty like me to make her own living so please don’t think too hard of me. I’ve had a terrible life, I’m just trying to make things good.

If you wanna read some of the more juicer stuff that I’ve generated just for your love of gossip and your entertainment then all you have to do is put your hand in your back pocket and pay something. You can choose how much you wanna pay but you gotta rememember I’m desperate. I’ve put a lotta mind work and so much time into sorting these Kitty problems, I gotta eat and get back to England.

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Bengal Tiger Misery  Duke’s heartfelt reply. Yup, there were hideously hidden tiger secrets just like I said there would be. It’s not easy being an Agony Aunt you know…


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